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First Aid Kits Rescue (tubes, cans, rings) Lifejackets Multipurpose mats Rescue Line ...

Swimming Classes

Beginner and Advance Individual or in group classes Social Private Lessons could be arrange at client’s facilities

Training Programs for Educational Institutions

The company provides an extensive range of activities to fulfill the needs, interests and capacities of children studying in schools, colleges and universities. All...

Lifeguard Training

Complete courses on Lifesaving, First Aid and CPR for individuals or groups Basic Degree Second Degree First Degree Junior Lifesaver Highly Skilled professional instructors ...

Lifeguard Services

LIFEGUARD SERVICES Professional lifeguards are available any day of the week and any time of the day Well trained and pro-active lifeguards Lifeguards in presentable...

Health and Fitness Counseling

Fitness seminars Fitness assessment Different types of fitness programs Selection of suitable programs


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